For Investors

Portfolio Generation and Evaluation
Measure ESG impact over a portfolio
Quantify ESG Risk.
ESG Database
Results from Mathematical Modelling
Custom Dashboard with best UI/UX
Smart Integrated one-stop solution
  • Create your portfolio and analyze its environment and societal impact.
  • Secure investment through informed decision making to get lower risks and a positive-alpha.
  • Analysis around portfolio ESG, its pillar, and categories score.
  • Customize option to provide category weight as per the user choice and risk appetite.
  • Option to measure ESG, its pillars and categories impact over a portfolio.
  • Understand which pillars and categories play a major role in the portfolio and thus construct the portfolio as per the investor’s need and preference.
  • Perform SDG impact of a portfolio; helps in figuring out whether a portfolio is satisfying all SDGs or not.
  • ESG risks evaluation and advisory around the same.
  • A simple to understand ESG risks value representation and analysis around the same.
  • A huge ESG database of companies from different countries and diverse sectors.
  • Credible data sources used with 3 layers of verification to ensure the correctness of data provided.
  • AI-ML integrated data extraction, as well as Manual team data validation, make this database unique and trustworthy.
  • High-class mathematical modeling to understand the impact of different categories over ESG score; help in understanding which categories investors should focus on while creating a portfolio.
  • Portfolio historical trend to understand the future projections.
  • A custom dashboard with best-in-class UI/UX to evaluate ESG score of companies from diverse sectors and geographies, as well as analysis around that score.
  • Color coding, heat-map, percentile and grading system to make the analysis easy to understand.
  • Provide 15 different scores (ESG score, Environment score, Environment protection score, Emission score, product innovation score, resource use score, Social score, workforce score, Human right score, Community responsibility score, Product innovation score, Governance score, Corporate Management score, Shareholder right score, CSR Strategy score) can be obtained.
  • “ESG Indexing” option to create an investment portfolio and understand its environmental and societal impact.
  • One-stop digital platform for measurement, evaluation and improvement of your portfolio impact on the environment and societal/community.
  • Help investors in achieving Responsible Investment goals, Triple Bottom Line goals, Circular economy principles and sustainability goals in their investment portfolio.