For Corporates

Measurement, Reporting and Monitoring
Peer-to-peer comparison
Advisory around ESG score
Custom Dashboard with best UI/UX
ESG Database
Due Diligence around EHS
Smart Integrated one-stop solution
  • Other than ESG measurement and reporting, the option to monitor real-time progress with changing company policy and ESG data.
  • Helps in deciding desired sustainability goals by finding Actionable insights and ideas to improve through the utilization of company data.
  • A quick assessment of your suppliers to ensure their practices align with the company’s mission.
  • A customized option for report generation as per the requirements.
  • A company can evaluate and compare its position with respect to its peers on the sustainability front.
  • Option to view ESG sector rating distribution and the company position in the same.
  • Help in achieving the target for the users to improve further.
  • An efficient and competent team of experts to provide recommendations and effective problem-solving.
  • Intervention at policy, strategy and operational levels to ensure maximum impact and return on effort.
  • Best technology and practices to set and achieve your goals in the short and long term while aligning sustainability strategy with the overall corporate mission.
  • Thorough analysis and ground-up approach to provide recommendations that would work in your organization.
  • Seamless evaluation of processes and initiatives to avoid reputational, regulatory and environmental risks.
  • A custom dashboard with best-in-class UI/UX to evaluate ESG score and analysis around the same.
  • Color coding, heat-map, percentile and grading system to make the analysis easy to understand.
  • Provide 15 different scores (ESG score, Environment score, Environment protection score, Emission score, product innovation score, resource use score, Social score, workforce score, Human right score, Community responsibility score, Product innovation score, Governance score, Corporate Management score, Shareholder right score, CSR Strategy score) to figure out the exact hitting point for low ESG score.
  • Perform quick and easy EHS diligence through an intuitive and friendly user interface to provide continuous monitoring.
  • Provide a competitive edge you need.
  • A huge ESG database of companies from different countries and diverse sectors.
  • Credible data sources are used with 3 layers of verification to ensure the correctness of data provided.
  • AI-ML integrated data extraction as well as Manual team data validation, make this database unique for a set of diversified data extracted.
  • One-stop digital platform for measurement, evaluation and improvement of your systems associated with environment and societal/community impact of business.
  • Starting from ESG scorecard to report generation around the same to EHS due diligence to advisory around ESG and EHS, everything at one platform.
  • Help in avoiding penalties and regulatory risks by performing diligence and real-time monitoring.
  • Help in achieving triple bottom line goals, circular economy principles and sustainability goals, as well as social well-being.
  • A digital tool to perform EHS due diligence easily, with respect to the country, sector and local & global government norms.
  • Helps in finding gaps and the challenges concerning the area around EHS.
  • Customized option to generate reports as per your requirement.