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ESG++, an Azyro Infratech Product, is pioneering Business Responsibility Reporting by contributing to the mainstreaming of Sustainable Investing. The product is aimed to aid impact investors and companies, set and achieve their sustainability goals by generating portfolios with high ESG index for institutional investors and asset managers.

A real-time web as well as text scraping algorithm is integrated in order to update the database every two weeks. Additionally, it has the flexibility to provide dynamic real time monitoring through seamless fusion with existing company infrastructure.

We envisage a sustainable future enabled by transparency and drive ourselves to rethink on our values and build a new area of development that balances financial, social and environmental advancement as imagined by the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Risk and Advisory

Integrating ESG Risk into the Risk Management Framework Since a decade, the investors evaluation criteria of their portfolio have witnessed a switch from only financial to a mix of financial and non-financial parameters. Nowadays, evaluations are based on the commitment towards sustainability, that is, whether the corporates are integrating ESG Risk into their Risk Management Framework or not. Moreover, the 2020 global health crisis has brought more attention to corporate ESG performance and values. Rising from the pandemic, it has become increasingly vital for businesses to take charge of their impact on the world, and to make it positive.

ESG++ aims to evaluate ESG factors, rank the organizations on the E-S-G risks, guide the client to meet standards and regulations set globally with respect to sustainability, help asset managers/investors in forming ESG dominant portfolio, due diligence around Environment and Social regulations, and provide a proper monitoring and sustainability reporting platform.

The one stop digital tool, ESG++, assists the corporates, investors, asset managers, business units, etc. at all stages of the investment cycle.

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Flexible Evaluation

Position the businesses focusing on ESG risk management better than others.

Reports and Disclosure

Ensure sustainability risks are taken into account when establishing effective reporting.


Benchmark and Measure to help compare the carbon footprint and societal impact.

Policy and Framework

Ensure collective responsibility of the management for the integration of sustainability risks.

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Scoring and Comparative Analysis

Effectively exhibited and represented on the company portal/dashboard, along with comparative analysis, which is managed and safely secured using AWS solutions.

The ESG++ scoring analysis is conducted based on this attestable data exhibited on the ESG++ dashboard. This score can be compared with the competitor’s score or sector’s average score.

Furthermore, the dashboard also provides the option to experiment the potential changes, as sought by the company, to get the desired the ESG++ calculated score. This option not only provides the possible solutions by tweaking the values of the parameters but also prescribes the extent of those changes which are required by the company to reach its desired score.

Data Extraction and Validation Process

Authentic data mined from credible sources and verified using a two-layered validation, supported by automated solutions and predictive modellings – an ML approach.

The authenticity of the data plays an utmost importance role while ESG score calculation. The relevant ESG data are collected from reliable and credible sources (mostly publically available) only. Moreover, the data passes through three-layered process (Data Extraction, Data Validation, and Management Review) before entering into database storage. The data is refreshed every 2 weeks – new companies are added and data of old companies are updated as per the corporate reporting pattern and information.

Both the Data Extraction and Data Validation process are supported by automated solutions and predictive modelling – a Machine Learning approach. The tool use AI-ML capabilities to automatically select and extract most accurate and credible data points.

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Data Security

Lifetime Support

From the organization’s standing towards data protection, it maintains, upholds and complies with the standards of various data protection regulations of different countries. Thus, it ensures extraction of data legally and also protection from its misuse and exploitation, thereby respecting the rights of data owners.

Seamless Mobility

AWS, which boasts of security monitoring tools that helps to identify denial of service (DoS) attacks such as distributed, flooding, and software attacks. Once DoS attacks are identified, the AWS incident response process is initiated using DoS prevention tools.Furthermore, AWS also contributes to meeting core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, data privacy, protection, and confidentiality with its comprehensive services and features.

Business Customize

Moreover, the issues pertaining to Data confidentiality while accessing from different devices and applications are solved using end to end encryption of application data at the level of information exchange between client and server, for which AES and RSA algorithms are being used to prevent any potential third-party interceptions.

Cloud Based Solutions

ESG++ platform conducts an intensive exchange of data via different protocols, like http, between client applications which are presented as browser, mobile, desktop and server side applications. The applications are secured via integrated solutions provided in cloud computing environments of AWS with its network architecture to protect information, identities, applications and devices.